Savvy Shopping Tips

Buying a diamond is a very personal decision.  While not everyone will share the same opinion as to what constitutes beauty, most people want to buy a diamond that expresses their individual taste and personality.

What quality diamond should you look for?  Some people want the largest diamond they can afford; some are more concerned about the color and want a near-colorless gemstone.  Still others are more concerned about a diamond’s clarity.  And all want a diamond that is cut to reveal the beauty of the gemstone.

Diamonds that are large, nearly colorless, completely free of inclusions, and cut with care to reveal the gemstone’s beauty are rare and, therefore, costly.  Nonetheless, beautiful diamonds are available at prices to fit most budgets.  Your American Gem Society jeweler can assist you in choosing the best certified diamond to suit your taste and your finances.

Before buying a diamond, be sure to look at our Diamond Buying Guide so that you know what to look for and consider.

When you shop with an American Gem Society member firm, you can rest assured that you will be assisted by educated and concerned jewelers who will help you select the best gemstone for you or your loved one.